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Welcome to childsplay reviews, a site dedicated to providing honest, useful and constructive reviews of children’s and family theatre happening across the Midlands and the UK.

Our reviews feature productions that are hosted both live and online, and we always feature an expert – a youngster who has watched the show too!

Latest Reviews

Aidy the Awesome

The Gramophones presents the tale of a girl and her Granny with a super fun twist on good versus evil… After a hard day at schools, eight-year-old Aidy seeks comfort from her Granny – but Granny has a got a secret to tell – not just any secret, a super secret! Will Aidy and her… Continue reading Aidy the Awesome

Jabala and the Jinn

Join forces with Jabala on this mystical journey, featuring a very cheeky Jinn! Jabala is seven and life has been throwing her some pretty big curve balls as of late; she’s still not friends with the popular girl at school, her Dad is doing his best but struggling and just a few months ago, her… Continue reading Jabala and the Jinn

Play-Along Plink and Boo

Think outside the box and come along for the perfect playdate! Anyone who has frantically searched online in pursuit of a last-minute gift for a child’s birthday or some other occasion, will be familiar with the gaudy colours and plethora of playthings available to todays youngsters! On such sites, toys are initially categorised by type… Continue reading Play-Along Plink and Boo